Product Category

  Wiring Accessories Description: Having hard time with cable management? Various types of products available to manage that More
Terminal Connectors Description: Variety of Terminal connectors available: Insulated, Non-Insulated, Heat-Shrink. Splice, Wire connectors and others More
Electrical Connectors Description: High Range of connectors available such as: Board-to-Board, D-SUB, HDMI, Waterproof, and other connectors More
LED Components Description: LED Caps, Holder, Housing and other various LED components. More
Fastening Products Description: Plastic & Metal bolts and fasteners More
Protection / Insulating Tubes Description: High Quality and Variety of Tubes available More
Battery Accessories & Parts Description: Battery Holders such as Coin Cells, 9V, A, AA, AAA, C and D. More
Wires & Cables Description: Electrical Cables such as HDMI, DVI in various sizes as well as PVC wires More
Plastic Appliances  Description: Plastic Box / Case, Plastic Feet, Protecting Accessories, Suction Lifter, Plastic Cover and Handle More
Plug and Sockets Description: Quick & Easy connection with these Adapters. More
DC Switches and Parts Description: Different type of Switches available More